Signed Copy Of “From Crime to Christ” Dr. Coul Hill


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WARNING: Rapper Killa C is now Dr. Coul Hill…

Be prepared to experience a roller coaster ride through Hell to redemption!

“I was immediately drawn to this book when I read the forward. I read it in two sittings . . . I admire Coul for telling his story.”

“I love the book! It truely shows how GOD can work in anyone’s life to move them in the right direction!”

“Coul’s story shows how anyone, anywhere, at any time can go from a life they’re living to the life they dream of with a decision and a relationship with God.”  

From Crime to Christ is a series of true short stories that show a rapper from Strange Music and Dirty Thug Recordz went from a life of crime and demonic depravity until having an encounter with God which changed his life forever.

Whether you are a believer in God, an atheist, a criminal, or a cop, this book will show you a perspective that will give you hope for your own future or the future of that loved one in your life who is struggling in his or her walk.

Dr. Coul Hill’s mission for releasing this book is to reach those who are as he was with the good news and hope that is available free for everyone who chooses it.  This message is ideal for criminals and addicts looking for motiviation to get clean, as well as anyone else desiring to see how miracles of God happen in the darkest of places.


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