Fitness Mindset: focusing on identity to recover

Fitness Mindset: focusing on identity to recover

Eric Rogers is a born Leader, influencer and entrepreneur. Bodybuilding is one of his absolute passions, but there is so much more to him than fitness.

He is a husband and father. Family is EVERYTHING to him. 

He is a God fearing man and takes his freedom seriously.

He has overcome massive adversities in his life and has built a life from the absolute bottom. Homelessness, addiction to methamphetamine, jail-time, violence, suicide attempts and trauma. 

Eric is a survivor, and now he lives to tell his story and help others through their issues, through changing their daily habits.

He has been featured on multiple high profile podcasts and is becoming well known in the self development and mental health realms.

His goal is to spread a POWERFUL message. You are what you strive to be IF you put in the work! There is nobody more influential in your life besides yourself. Your attitude and mentality determine your character. Your character determines your success.

The Warrior mentality is one that cannot be broken and discipline is the only thing keeping you from reaching your full potential.

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