Donations are 100% tax deductible and come with a certificate of support for the addiction community to show you are member in support of the mission. All donations go toward this mission to scholarship addicts to the proper treatment, counseling, coaching, or expenses for travel specifically to further the cause of harm reduction, relapse prevention, and drug abuse prevention.

Mission Statement

To equip and empower addicts in recovery to share their stories with those suffering, to encourage and help addicts recover, and to share their experiences in the school system to deter the future generations from going down the path of addiction.

Adam does free calls and coaching with parents of addicts struggling, addicts struggling, and addicts in recovery. Adam gives resource connections and advice/strategies to everyone on these calls. He continues to grow his network of community, health, and political leaders to slow the growth of the overdose epidemic and relapse rate.

Recovered On Purpose NP Inc. is a sister company of Recovered On Purpose, LLC with a non-profit mission to serve the addiction and recovery community. Adam Vibe Gunton is the director, and the board is equally driven in the mission and purpose being fulfilled.

If you are interested in being a larger contributor to this mission, please use the contact form and Adam will be in contact with you.

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