Get up and do the work! It really is that simple!

What do we do on the days we don’t feel like doing what we said we are going to do?  What happens when our alarm goes off and we really don’t want to get up? What is it worth to get up and do it? For more information on Recovered On Purpose, to get your […]

Jesus Take The Wheel

Dray is a social media influencer and follower of Jesus! Dray has a past of drug addiction and other flaws, but we are going to be talking about how all this can be wiped away with a relationship with Christ! For more information on Recovered On Purpose, to get your free copy of Adam’s book, […]

Sexual Trauma and Addiction: Becoming an overcomer

Kimberly is an author, speaker, and Navy Veteran on fire for God and serving other women struggling with things she has overcome. And a graduate of the Recovery Speaker: Share Your Story Powerfully Course. Kimberly has a story of an event happening while serving in the military that altered the course of future. After battling […]

The Reality of Relapse: Warning signs and prevention

There is a lot said about relapse in addiction, addiction recovery, and the community that may know much less about the reality than they think from the news and other sources.  Today, we are going to talk about what the relapse rates are (according to different studies), what the warning signs that you or a […]

Emotional Stability: A study in the book of Psalms

The seasons of emotions in life are part of being human. In addiction, our emotions were uncontrollable without numbing them with some kind of substance. Now, in our recovery, how can we control, or just be ok with our emotions? Today is a continuation from the study of last week where we are diving into […]

TV Star, Social Media Activist Team Up to Prevent Campus Sexual Assault and Alcohol Abuse with Breakthrough Science

Post-COVID Partying Comes with Increased Risk of Assault LOS ANGELES (9/12/22) – Film and TV Actress Claudia Christian and Social Media Personality Adam Vibe Gunton are speaking to college audiences about a breakthrough science-based method to prevent alcohol-related sexual assaults. “I experienced my own alcohol related sexual assault and it deeply affected me,” said Christian, […]

Hard work pays off: For your recovery

Mikey Lucas is a motivational entrepreneur with a past of addiction. Mikey has built a multiple 7 figure empire in his recovery through his door-to-door career turning into a passion for growth in multiple streams of opportunity. For more information on Recovered On Purpose, to get your free copy of Adam’s book, see the merch […]

What is your recovery worth: The value of every life

What is your life and your recovery worth to you? How much are you willing to do to gain your life back? Everyone in recovery had to give up something they held dear and important to them in their lives for so long in their addiction. And we all had to put in work to […]

Managing Your Emotions: What a relationship with god will do.

We all deal with emotions in life… Whether we are in our addiction or in our recovery, hills and valleys come at us and we need to learn how to get through the tough times. Today, we are taking a dive into the book of Psalms to find what it says about managing our emotions […]

Approximately the same: addiction is not your identity

“Once an addict, always an addict.” “You’re an addict just like me.” “You’re no different than anyone else in here.” “Terminally unique.” All these quotes we hear about our disease and about the people around us in our fellowships or life that share a common disease are killing our mentality and ability to do what […]