Meet The Team

Recovery Is Not Just Quitting Drugs and Alcohol

Recovered On Purpose was founded on the belief that addiction is an epidemic with a rising death rate that can only be stopped by recovered addicts attaching to mission and living on purpose. With all the treatments, all the fellowships, all the churches etc… why is it the average age of youth drug experimentation continues to lower, while the overdose and relapse rate continues to rise?

We believe the best relapse prevention for addicts in recovery is living inside the purpose God created for their lives and Recovered On Purpose is a bridge to help any addict in recovery find and live on that very purpose.

We believe every addict struggling has the ability to find a God of their understanding and recover from a state of hopelessness and active addiction. Once this decision has been made, we are a movement of telling our stories in powerful, impactful ways that take away the stigma of weak will-power and shows the true Power it takes for us to recover.

Our stories will be shared with society in the form of books, interviews, social media, and more. Most importantly, our stories will be utilized in the school system to deter the future generations from going down the path of drug use and addiction.

Not many addicts are deciding to have permanent recovery. Many of us that become addicted will never taste the freedom of being Recovered On Purpose. But we that do shall rise up as an army against this evil, so younger generations do not have to experience the same horrors we did.

Our stories
are our greatest weapons…


After overcoming homelessness and drug addiction, Adam Vibe Gunton became passionate about sharing the hope of recovery with those suffering similar experiences. With only two years of recovery, Adam had built a 7-figure business, began public speaking, and launched his now #1 Bestselling book: From Chains To Saved. For the year following that launch, Adam founded Recovered On Purpose and helped multiple other addicts/alcoholics in recovery (and one mother who lost her son to the disease) to write, publish and promote their stories into bestselling books. Adam’s mission is to continue to be the example of what is possible for those who recover from this disease while inspiring them to live passionate, purpose-filled lives that help others recover and deter future generations from going down the path of addiction.


Cameron has a true passion for living life to the fullest. After struggling with addiction for 9 years, an indictment, 10 hospitalized drug overdoses, countless rehab centers, countless sober living houses, dozens of therapists, homelessness, and many other unfortunate events nothing could stop God and His plan for Cameron’s life. Cameron met Adam in September of 2018. Adam and Cameron quickly became great friends. Many long nights and hours were spent talking about the vision for ROP. Cameron is now partnering with ROP and designing the website. He founded Growth Marketing Media in Spring of 2020.


Brittany Priestley is the first published author of Recovered On Purpose. Her book, Mommy Drunkest, hit #1 bestseller the same day she celebrated 3 years of sobriety. Brittany’s testimony proves the pain we experience can be healed and utilized to benefit those still suffering; to aid in one of God’s greatest purposes- to be of service to others. She has touched lives around the country by telling her story. She is an advocate for the protection of children, addiction, abuse, and trauma. Her beliefs coincide with this movement and what it stands for. Brittany is blessed and has true gratitude to live presently, recovered and with purpose.

TREVOR huster

Trevor has been in music production and performance for over two decades and is now bringing these production skills into photo and video with Recovered On Purpose. Starting in his studio 4 years ago with a single video camera, he has progressed to multi-cam shoots, high-action corporate video content, and an energy that comes through the lens.


Judy Thureson has a genuine desire to see people live their most authentic life. In the last decade, she has helped hundreds of clients focus on their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Judy specializes in growth and transformation coaching. She helps people navigate grief and loss by applying mindfulness and meditation techniques. She also uses a holistic approach to wellness to help people heal and live wholeheartedly. In June of 2019, Judy experienced the tragic loss of her eighteen year old son, Jacob to opioid overdose. Her #1 Bestselling book, Beautiful Tragedy chronicles her experience and introduces the GIVE Principle. Judy is excited to partner with ROP as a resource for grieving families and to share tools on how to use healthy coping skills to navigate the storms of grief and uncertainty. Judy offers one on one coaching as well as group coaching and workshops.


MY ROLE IN R.O.P. AND WHAT IT MEANS TO ME: As an author in Recovered on Purpose, my role is to share the testimony of God’s work in my life with all who come to listen. Be that through the book, speaking engagements, or social media, it is a true honor and blessing to be able to be my part in someone else’s story of recovery. Watching the Lord use my story to reach and bless others makes having lived it, worth it. Every single day.