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We have found the NUMBER ONE relapse prevention for addiction recovery, and it’s not just daily 12 step meetings. Addiction treatment success rates are under 15% for over one year and we have found what works to get addicts clean and keep them clean!

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If you or a loved one is addicted to opiates and don’t know what to do to find recovery, book a FREE call with me to share your situation so I can point you to what I have found to WORK for finding freedom.

If you are an addict in recovery and want to add purpose, mission, and passion to your life through sharing your story, book a FREE call with me to see if you would be a good fit for my mentorship program.

The Recovered On Purpose Show airs live to our Facebook page and YouTube and all past episodes are available to watch on our YouTube Channel. The purpose of the show is to expose the recovery community to personal development, growth, and encouraging stories and ideas for their life in recovery they may not learn in treatment or the 12 step fellowships. Adam Vibe Gunton does shows throughout the week with different topics and has weekend guests ranging from doctors, entrepreneurial leaders, psychologists, celebrities, etc., as well as other addicts and alcoholics in recovery with a powerful message to share.

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Adam Vibe Gunton wrote and published this book about his story of experience strength and hope for his 2 year clean and sober birthday on 11/6/19. It became a #1 Bestseller and has been in the hands of thousands of people and he now has the opportunity to give it away for free!

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